About Wim E. Crusio

Geen Titel

I am a behavioral neurogeneticist working in the field of mouse behavioral and neural genetics. I specialize in the neurogenetics of the hippocampus and behavioral phenotyping of mouse models of neurobehavioral disorders. My work experience has been in academic research in the Netherlands, Germany, France, and the US.

In addition to research, I have a large experience in science editing (edited Handbooks; founded and was Editor-in-Chief for 10 years of Genes, Brain and Behavior, the leading scientific journal in the field of neural and behavioral genetics; Editor-in-Chief of Behavioral and Brain Functions; work as Associate Editor or Editorial Board member for several other high-profile scientific journals). More information about me can be found in my LinkedIn profile. My scientific publications can be seen on ResearchGate. I am also available for consulting (Mouse Behavior Consulting Group).

In this blog, I plan to comment on issues related to my field of scientific endeavor, as well as on other topics I am interested in, such as scientific publishing, and science fiction.